Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bad Asssssss...

There’s a group of regulars who come in, they’re all between 18 and early 20’s. They usually hang out by, or in, the DJ booth. Our DJ is pretty awesome. They are usually a fun bunch, but they do bring a lot of drama with them. Every couple of weeks someone ends up crying. Sometimes it’s the girls.

Last weekend a few of them came in and I noticed (we all noticed), that one of the girls’ shorts were so short that her ass was hanging out. Not a big deal but not all that common for our bar. About a half hour later they were out smoking and we over heard her discussing whether or not her ass was actually hanging out of her jean shorts. She concluded that it was not. Suddenly all the bouncers and a couple other guys started loudly mumbling to themselves in that tone that’s an octave or two higher than normal. “yeeehhh, I don’t think you’re right, there…” and “yeaaahhh..your ass might be a liiiiitle bit hanging outside your shorts shorts….” (see. Drunk Uncle from SNL).

She snapped her head up at us and pulled down the cuffs of her shorts. “Well don’t look at it you perverts!!” she spat.

“Hang on, hang on!” is said putting my hands up. “You walk in here with your ass hanging out all over the place, but I’m some kind of pervert because I can see it? Yeah, that makes sense sweetheart”

She started to tell us we were perverts again but the guys in the group were already clapping and laughing. “THANK you!” one of them cheered.

She stood there and smoked angrily while her friends laughed at her expense. She got over it quick enough and skipped inside. “Good to see you” I called after.

Later that night she made her ex-boyfriend cry. It was a pretty good night all in all!.