Thursday, April 9, 2015

The fast and the furious 4

So the other night these 4 idiots came into the bar. 3 of them were full on meat head ‘roid ragers, the other, just a garden variety asshole.  They spent the night bragging about their net worth, picking people up off the ground and showing off their acute oppositional defiance disorder. While these guys were basking in the glory of their own existence just about everyone else in the bar were either laughing at them or waiting with baited breath for them to pay their tabs and leave. 

At one point, their leader, smack dab in the middle of his midlife crisis, grabbed some woman as she walked by. She looked at him and said. “What makes you think you can touch me?”
He sneered at her and said “I drive a Lamborghini baby”
She sneered back and said “I drive a Kia Soul, go fuck yourself”

She made my night.

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